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Hack4Kids LHoFT Edition

Luxembourg House of Fintech (LHoFT) and SECURITYMADEIN.LU are proud to invite you to the Hack4Kids-LHoFT Edition targeting kids aged from 9 to 13. This event will be in english (mais beaucoup d'entre nous parlons français).

This event is devoted to bridge the gap between technology, fun and security using the currently most played multiplayer game - Fortnite from Epic Games - as a vehicle to promote digital literacy and appropriate online behavior.

We have 65 places available for free registration.

So get ready to...
  • hack a game inspired by the Fortnite universe to learn about coding,
  • trace the traffic generated by a Fortnite game to understand how the Internet works,
  • revise your choreographic skills unrolling the mysterious Fortnite terms of Use,
  • battle on Fortnite dance moves learning how a computer reads code,
  • race to victory in a drone race with real V-Bucks for the best pilots,
  • and much more…

We will have semi pro-players giving you tips and tricks about the game, a workshop devoted to explaining how real lock picking works, and computers available should you want to play a game live.

So come to learn and to have fun.

We will also have adult focused presentations about IT Security for the connected family by various experts from SECURITYMADEIN.LU and Microsoft for the Parents. This free event is organized within the framework of the Cyber Security Week Luxembourg.

To register, please follow this link.

Please take one ticket per child/teen.

  • Hack4Kids-LHoFT Edition
  • 9, rue du Laboratoire
  • L-​1911 Luxembourg
  • October 20th
  • 14h00 - 17h30


Hack4kids is all about professional multilingual events targeting various audiences ranging from kids to teens, tailored to meet any need on the topic of information technology and security.

  • Young people will get practical answers to their IT questions
  • They will learn how to use their IT equipment in an original manner
  • They will discover a world of inspirational opportunities

Some numbers...

  • +28 editions all set within the Grand Region (fully public, fully private or mixed events)
  • +1250 attendees in total
  • +56 workshops in LU, EN, FR, DE, ...
Hacking Fun Photo credit: SECURITYMADEIN.LU


The objective of Hack4Kids is to raise children's curiosity and creativity in order for them to explore by themselves.

Hacking Fun Photo credit: SECURITYMADEIN.LU

hack | verb | \'hak\

  • To create with electronics and computers for enjoyment
  • To think outside the box
  • To develop beyond artificially imposed limits
  • To understand and solve information security challenges
Hacking Fun Photo credit: SECURITYMADEIN.LU

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