The Hack4Kids concept was started by SECURITYMADEIN.LU (SMILE g.i.e.), with strong support from the CIRCL department, in partnership with the CodeClub and the Ministry of Economy.

The project is part of the policy for the development of digital skills (“ICT skills”) carried out by the Ministry of Economy.

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What is it all about and why?

Today, children and young people are “digital natives“, that is to say, from an early age they are faced with all types of computers, tablets and connected equipment.

But will this ease of use allow them to become actors of the technological changes to come? This is not sure, because young people are too often confined to the role of passive users who master interfaces but can’t modify them.

Hack4Kids is an edutainment activity and initiation to information technology, hacking and security awareness targeting a young audience. Sessions can be adapted in terms of timing: they can run over a few hours, during half days or a full day, or several days.

Content for all ages

When we create a new workshop to be delivered within our events, we focus on various issues depending on the age group targeted. Please note that the majority of our workshops include, when delivered, original content designed specifically for the event. No event is ever the same.

The small ones - focus on dicovery and gaming

Our first age target group is ranging from 4 to 6/7 years old. For that age, we mostly create collaborative activities using technology from an analogy standpoint. Our games and activities are focused on introducing the youngest not only to technological but also to cultural concepts related to the internet.

Example: Human robotron - learn about coding using stickers and program your friend through a maze. Debug the program. Run it.

Kids - our original target audience

Most of our workshops have been concieved for the age group 7/8 to 12/13 years old. At that age, kids have heard of a thing called the internet and percieve as normal the fact that communication is everywhere. But many questions relative to how such technology works remain at best unanswered if not wrongly comprehended. This target group constitutes the first generation raised in the big data world, educated mostly through advertisements and promotion of certain online behaviours that do not value core aspects such as privacy and - unfortunetly - security. Our workshops aim at trying to bring answers to such technical and behavioural issues. We introduce the technology, however we do not forget the need for fun.

Example: The Network Game - understand how connected equipements can communicate on the internet. Discover basic concepts of networking. Simulate the effects of a DDOS attack.

Teens - going beyond

Starting at 14 years old, we can focus more on content to pursue our goal: the promotion of a true hacking culture. Teens shouldn’t be passive users of information technologies, but become creative designers. We aim to show them that technology hacking is fun, while reminiding them of the responsabilities associated with the possession of such skills. Skills developed will touch upon diverse fields ranging from computer based art and design through to technical IT security passing by online behaviour issues.

Example: Sys Admin - be introduced to network administration concepts and basic controls on how to use a GNU/Linux server via a remote connection. Solve a challenge. Capture the flag.

Are you looking for a turnkey event? Do you want to propose a different type of activity? Be innovative, organize a Hack4kids with us!


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