Invade a castle with a 3D printer (ref C-005)

Hack4Kids Team bio photo By Hack4Kids Team

Domain: technology, security, behaviour | Age group: 4/6


The aims of this workshop is to raise awareness about the illusion of security and in particularly backdoor potential security risks. This topic is tackled in an original way since it mixes ancient history and today reality: a story of a castle is told and attracts the attention of the attendees. A demonstration is done to display the 3D printing of a TSA key which is used to open most of the commercialized luggage.

(Click here to download the TSA presentation.)

Requirements and information

  • Max size of group: 40
  • Ideal duration: 30 mins
  • Max duration: 45 mins
  • Collaborative activity? NO
  • Activity involving children & parents' collaboration? NO
  • Room: Normal room
  • Projection material: YES
  • Electricity: YES
  • Furniture: YES (1 table + chairs)
  • Wi-Fi: NO
  • New content for each Event? NO
  • Number of HRs (outside supervising staff): 1 per WorkShop


3D-printer Photo credit: SECURITYMADEIN.LU