Pixel-art (ref A-004)

Hack4Kids Team bio photo By Hack4Kids Team

Domain: art, technology | Age group: All


This workshop aims at giving an overview of the video game history and to explain how a picture is displayed on a computer screen. This workshop also explains the difference between a vectorial and matrix picture. Attendees can then draw their own illustrations with post-it according to the stock of post-it we own.

(Click here to download the Pixel-art presentation. Idea is to expose what graphics in video games used to look like 30 years ago.)

Requirements and information

  • Max size of group: N/a
  • Ideal duration: N/a
  • Max duration: N/a
  • Collaborative activity? YES
  • Activity involving children & parents' collaboration? YES
  • Room: Normal room for projection + large open space
  • Projection material: YES
  • Electricity: YES
  • Furniture: YES (tables + chairs)
  • Wi-Fi: NO
  • New content for each Event? YES
  • Number of HRs (outside supervising staff): 1 per WorkShop


Pixel-art Photo credit: SECURITYMADEIN.LU