Makey-makey (ref A-003)

Hack4Kids Team bio photo By Hack4Kids Team

Domain: technology | Age group: All


Introduction to electronics and bananas.

Makey makey can turn everyday objects into touchpads. Combined with the internet, the fun is real.

Hack4Kids team has several Makey Makeys that can be used. Activity is usually given as a side option to attendees.

Requirements and information

  • Max size of group: N/a
  • Ideal duration: N/a
  • Max duration: N/a
  • Collaborative activity? NO
  • Activity involving children & parents' collaboration? NO
  • Room: Any open space
  • Projection material: NO
  • Electricity: YES
  • Furniture: YES (1 table)
  • Wi-Fi: YES
  • New content for each Event? NO
  • Number of HRs (outside supervising staff): 1 per WorkShop


Makey-makey Photo credit: SECURITYMADEIN.LU