Light painting (ref A-001)

Hack4Kids Team bio photo By Hack4Kids Team

Domain: Art | Age group: All


Introduction to long exposure photographic techniques. Attendees can either participate as models or as photographers. A picture can be printed in the end as a souvenir.

Requirements includes a dark room, one or several reflex picture cameras (manually controlable) and various sources of light (Hack4Kids team has some LEDs, various usable light sticks and a programmable minipov4kit that allows the display of any luminous message). Hack4Kids team also owns termic printers to print the end results and distribute souvenirs. Printed pictures can include a WaterMark to promote further the event.

This workshop, usually proposed as a side activity during a Hack4Kids, is very popular among all ages.

Requirements and information

  • Max size of group: N/a
  • Ideal duration: N/a
  • Max duration: N/a
  • Collaborative activity? YES
  • Activity involving children & parents' collaboration? YES
  • Room: Dark room
  • Projection material: YES
  • Electricity: YES
  • Furniture: YES (1 table)
  • Wi-Fi: NO
  • New content for each Event? YES
  • Number of HRs (outside supervising staff): 1 per WorkShop


Light Painting Photo credit: SECURITYMADEIN.LU