H4K v26 - LaSalle School in Metz


H4K v26 - LaSalle School in Metz

Hack4Kids Team bio photo By Hack4Kids Team

Total number of attendees: 29 | Language: FR

A Hack4Kids was organized in Metz at L’Institution De La Salle

SECURITYMADEIN.LU organized a Hack4Kids event at l’Institution De La Salle in Metz on Monday 15th January 2018.

The workshop gathered a class of 29 children aged between 9 and 10 years old.

Matthieu Farcot, who supervised this session, started with a general presentation about the Internet, then, explained the need to develop a critical mind towards available online content and gave practical tips on good online behavior.

After that, a Network Game was organized: this dynamic game was setup with real well-worn IT material (to represent the Network): Children were to play the role of connected equipments exchanging messages online. The game introduced the attendees to core concepts concept of IP addresses, Internet networking, and packet transfer. The workshop also made a focus on security and encryption (to illustrate the limits of HTTP versus HTTPS): a child wore a masque and read messages, which were not in an envelope in order to illustrate the risks of sending information on unencrypted web services. A botnet attack was also finally simulated by the pupils.</p>

Network game