H4K v25 - Smart Home – These robots are insane!


H4K v25 - Smart Home – These robots are insane!

Hack4Kids Team bio photo By Hack4Kids Team

Total number of attendees: 9 + | Languages: FR

“Smart Home” – These robots are insane!

SECURITYMADEIN.LU, in partnership with Casino Luxembourg, organized a Hack4Kids Experience on Saturday, December 16, 2017, focused on a new and original content developed by Matthieu Farcot and Emilie Muller. Children were encouraged to think about the issues related to connected devices (the so-called Internet of Things). The goal was also to raise awareness about the massive gap between the marketing language used for promotion and the abusive reality of the end-user license agreements that define the web services associated to such connected devices.

The event gathered around 10 children aged between 5 and 13 years old. First, they were asked to think about what artificial intelligence and robots are - without setting any limits to their imagination. The ideas could vary from science fiction to smart home realities of today.

The workshop then focused on web services associated with connected objects. A connected camera’s commercial advertisement was shown and children were asked to sketch the risks of this connected device. In the second step, an extract from the connected video camera’s end user license agreement was read and children had to give their own interpretation of selected words from this same extract (like “owning”, “sharing”, “modifying” etc.) through gestures. The link between those words and the connected device was then highlighted. This exercise led to a short general discussion about the possible consequences of those words and the children were again asked to draw the risks related to the use of a connected video camera at home. In another illustrative story, children had to describe their reactions if they found a microphone hanging in a room with its cable going out of the open window to an unknown location. A last story dealt with the topic of data leaks: youngsters had to imagine how they would have reacted if they had lost their secret diary in the school’s courtyard and that his classmates had read this diary.

Overall, the attendees appreciated the interactive presentation and the parents were very much interested in this experiment. Definition of a robot An intial discussion about what makes a robot End-user license agreement An iniitial discovery of end-user license agreements End-use license agreement and gesture End-use license agreements get tangible: expressing key words through gesture Risks drawing Drawing online risks, when information security gets creative Risks drawing Drawing fun VTech fun VTech dataleak impacts in Luxembourg explained Internet by Etienne Internet, an opened window on the world by Etienne, 5 years old Data Leak par Etienne Consequences of a dataleak by Etienne, 5 years old The protection of privacy by Etienne One solution from the child: a privacy protection buble by Etienne, 5 years old